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About us...

The Body of Christ Ministries was established in 2004. Their focus is restoring lives through weekly meetings, seminars, conferences, printed educational material, television, radio and educational workshops. Their goal is to provide practical application of life changing truths, impart hope, strength and encouragement for every season in life. Then, train to give out the same to others who are in need.

The center is led by Dr. Kim Sorgent and her supportive husband John. They have been married for 35 years. Together they work as a team to bring the very best in all they provide to others. John carries much of the administrative role and whatever else needs to be done to keep things running smoothly. John has been a large support to the ministry and to those that are served through The Body of Christ Ministries. He is a treasure and blessing to all.

Dr. Kim Sorgent has 2 PhD's. One in Theology and the other in the study of Divinity. She has served in the capacity of RN Education Director throughout Wisconsin through Extendicare Health Care Services. Dr. Sorgent has been involved in outreach ministry to the community since 1988. Through Elm Brook Church, WI, she taught life skills and English as a second language to the Lao and Mong community. At The Milwaukee Rescue Mission, WI, she taught women health and life issues as well as child rearing and health. For the past 8 years, Dr. Sorgent has served at the Franklin House of Correction with monthly teachings of life skills, communication, relationships and taking hold of their future. Many women have been released and rejoined with their families and are living a productive life. Many have gone off to college. All the women are offered strength and hope for a new future. Dr. Sorgent hosted a weekly television program that targets shut-ins, elderly, and home-bound persons. For the past 6 years, the programs have provided hope and encouragement. For the past 16 years, Dr. Sorgent also delivered the same type of messages through a weekly radio program. The program airs every Sunday at 6:00 pm on Joy 1340 AM Milwaukee, WI Radio and via internet. The Body of Christ Ministries provide a 24 hour phone hotline to assist those who call from the television and radio program; to connect the callers with the right services based on their needs.

In 2010, Dr. Sorgent experienced breast cancer and all the medical treatment that go along with this disease. She has completely recovered and is full of new vision. Since 2011, they have incorporated a new focus into the already many outreach projects they provide to the community. The new program addresses the needs of cancer patients, family and friends alike. The programs started in July 2011. They will host a number of outreach programs and services to the community to help meet the needs of the victims of cancer. They provide FREE of charge, printed educational material and 1:1 mentoring as well as monthly support groups. The monthly meetings provide a warm, safe and excepting environment where one can share their fears and concerns. The RN facilitator(s) knows how to bring understanding and hope into the current situation, and help one to look at life openly and positively. Hope, education and encouragement are the ingredients provided to each individual for their recovery. Upcoming information classes will provide knowledge on cancer prevention, nutrition and exercise, inner healing, and hope for the future. Seminars with guest professors and professionals such as dietitians, chefs, vitamin and fitness experts will also be part of the learning experience provided. All free of charge. Please visit the Cancer Programs section of this website.

You will find The Body of Christ Ministries to be warm, friendly and accepting. You will leave renewed, regenerated and equipped for life's journey.

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