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8-2010 Gloria healed of lung cancer - Pet Scan

showed no tumor after prayer!

5-10-11 Pam F. healed of thyroid cancer completely

confirmed by MD.

8-24-11 Debbie came in to our center crying and in

need of a job. After prayer, she recieved a

full time job for a large company in 1 week!

8-27-11 LR had an egg size tumor in abdomal area

for the past 3 years. She was unable to

get medical help. After attending one of our

meetings, she left healed and the tumor was

completely gone! The Meeting was called

"Celebration of New Beginnings"

9-18-11 Linda's dog had no white blood cells. Doctors

could not figure out orgin of sickness. The dog

was healed completely of deadly blood dis-

crasia through prayer.

9-25-11 CM had GI problems for 3 weeks and many

additional symptoms. She was healed that


10-2-11 Jeremy had herniated disc in his neck.

Through prayer, they went back into place,

and inflammation was almost completely


Over the years, we have seen and experienced many miracles in persons' lives. How exciting it is to see Christ heal people and set them free from sickness, disease, and mental/emotional illness. We thought it would be exciting to list and share those healings in others to help raise your faith and belief that GOD STILL ANSWERS PRAYERS!

10-10-11 JM delivered from drugs! Their life is getting back on track.

1-15-12 Ted healed of tongue cancer completely..Confirmed by MD.

1-14-13 Troy healed of circulation disorders that appeared as black feet. Heal in Jesus' Name!

4-25-12 Mary/West Allis, WI did not have to have surgery on foot. Infection was completely healed!

4-28-12 Pam/Rockford, Il got a wonderful new job in the medical field.

4-27-12 CM/Milwaukee, WI received a wonderful gift of a new place to live in absolutly free.

5-4-12 George/West Allis, WI all medical labs came back normal!! low bp, lower bs, lower cholesterol! And, a job promotion.

5-6-12 Peg/West Allis, WI healed of knee and foot pain at our Sunday Service!

Katrina: Employment 1.5 years received a wonderful job!

Kim: unable to walk - now healed and does not need to use a walker

CM.: depression gone and joy restored

1-12-13 Marge - just a few hours away from death due to GI complications, received medical treatment and was healed through Jesus' provisions of care through knowledgable Godly Nurse and Doctor.

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10-2-11 JS suffered intensely with carlie horse muscle

cramping in leg lasting over 8 minutes. This

occurred for over 3 years. JS was instantly


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