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Moving ahead or staying

behind is a personal choice.

We believe:

1. The Bible is the inspired Word of God written by holy men of God who were moved upon (devine inspiration upon the heart) by The Holy Spirit of God. That the Bible was written so that we could find and know the one true living and loving God, our Father.

2. That God is the Father and God Almighty of all creation.

3. Jesus Christ to be the Son of God and Saviour of the whole world.

4. That Jesus Christ took upon Himself the sins of the whole world. Jesus suffered, bled and died for those sins. That Jesus Christ took our punishment and died our death so that we would not have to be eternally separated from our Father God forever, because of sin. Jesus Christ did this so that you would be forgiven of your sins and be reunited with your Heavenly Father in communion - relationship - forever! Jesus Christ died for everyone individually so that they would not have to die but live for all eternity in heaven. A person cannot do good works to receive entrance into heaven. Heaven is given personally as a Gift when you receive what Jesus Christ did on the cross for you -- in your place. As you receive this FREE gift of God's love and mercy for you, you become born again and washed clean from all of your sins. This is called Salvation and it is a gift. You only have to receive it for it to become yours. Here is what you do:

a. acknowledge that you have sinned and are separated from God because of those sins.

b. confess your need of forgiveness from those sins and ask The Father to receive Jesus Christ's death

as complete and total payment (or punishment) for your sins.

c. now....take in a deep breath and receive total and complete forgiveness from The Father. Just receive

this costly gift poured out just for you. Receive is as an act of His precious love for you!

d. This miraculous gift of forgiveness, healing and a new life has been granted to you and cannot be

taken from you or lost. It is a gift and it is free. This has all been accomplished and sealed by the

power of The Holy Spirit of God - that is always present with you.

5. Restoration and repair of your life is imparted to you... AS YOU read and do The Word of God, be actively involved in a community of Bible Believers, communion with your Heavenly Father through daily prayer and repentence of sins as they occur (and keep on walking forward). As your life repairs, begin to help out/serve God by using your gifts and talents to help others experience what you have received through the body of believers who is helping to guide your spiritual life. As you get involved in learning, your life will take on new heights that you never thought were possible! Most importantly, you will have this wonderful daily experience of our loving Heavenly Father walking with you everyday. (Does it take all that? No. You can stay the way you are. But God wants to transform your life and give you the life He had for you all along.)

5. Water baptism for the washing and cleansing of the soul and a symbol of our receiving Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. This is a gift for you.

6. Baptism with the Holy Spirit. A gift to empower you to overcome sin.

7. Divine healing by the prayer of faith.

8. Holy Communion with cracker and juice to remember the gift of your Salvation and for healing of your body.

9. That hard times are a part of life, only now you will not have to go it alone. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit will direct your path, encourage your heart, unconditionally love you, and restore your life; and this you can count on! You don't have to go through life alone any longer. God loves you.

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